Diving into the Unexplored Frontier of Our Planet

Ocean-obsessed is how many of us divers would describe ourselves. Whenever there is mystery, there is magnetism, and as human beings, our lack of understanding of over 70% of planet earth is astonishing. Becoming scuba certified allows us to have a relationship with the ocean and its inhabitants. Plus, it gives us a unique way to relate to other people, and vacations take an exciting, new direction.

What is it about Los Cabos?

The very first time I got underwater in Los Cabos, I was greeted by huge schools of fish, playful sea lions, and megafauna like sharks and rays. How did I not know about this part of the world? The diversity of marine life boggled my mind, and the underwater topography lends itself to any level of scuba diver training

Shallow dive sites with minimal current movement packed with fish life are perfect for beginners and experienced divers interested in expanding their skills in Rescue or new configurations like Sidemount. The dramatic walls offer great options for the Advanced certification and even freedivers looking to develop range. These deep dive sites also offer up fantastic technical diving training and exploration. Cabo San Lucas is even becoming a top destination for professional-level scuba diving training, such as the Divemaster and Scuba Instructor courses.

Top Tier Training with Fewer Crowds

When researching my own scuba diving training many years ago, Los Cabos didn’t even cross my mind. I went through my recreational courses in Southeast Asia, and I remember being shocked by the crowds at the high-volume dive operators, both on the boat and underwater at the dive sites. Regardless, the experience was still magical – I was hooked on the weightless feeling of scuba diving – but the pull toward more remote and personalized experiences was strong. 

Now that I’ve been diving around the world for the last decade, I can’t believe I missed out on Los Cabos for so long. Even after diving here for years, the dive sites never disappoint.

Feeling Safe in the Water

Now that I’m settled in Los Cabos, I recommend all my friends get their scuba diving training while they visit… and it’s not only because of the dive sites. Living here, I’ve gotten to know several divemasters, instructors, and other expats, and we’ve been diving on a wide range of boats in the area. These are some of the most professional divers I’ve met in the industry, and each time we join an operator, I know I don’t have to stress. Everything is always under control, following the best safety protocols.

This hasn’t always been my experience when diving in other tropical water dive destinations, and it’s a huge reason why I wanted to live here in the first place.

Becoming Certified Leads to Ocean Activism

Over the years of living in and exploring the region, I have seen the Los Cabos diving community in action. The marine conservation scene is growing, and especially diving operators understand the importance of caring for the creatures that make this place thrive. Los Cabos and the entire Baja peninsula have become a hub for marine research and sanctuary for all sizes of creatures, from humpback whales to small, nursery creatures like the baby sea turtles that hatch here every year.

Want to Do Your Scuba Diving Training in Los Cabos?

Regardless of the season, there is something to see in the water around Los Cabos. If I could go back in time and do my scuba certifications again, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick this place. Don’t be like me, choose right the first time!

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