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Cabo San Lucas is one of those places where it feels like everything is within reach. You have the luxury of modern comforts like hotels with air conditioning as well as the accessibility of a range of activities that can get you away from overdeveloped areas. For example, the Cabo San Lucas marine park dive sites are a quick 3-10 minute ride from the marina over typically calm seas. The protected nature of the coast also means less current and reduced seasickness for those sensitive to nausea. This marine park is made up of many dive sites that are worth visiting, but below you’ll find a list of our personal favorites.

The history of protected dive sites in Cabo San Lucas

 Cabo San Lucas is a diver’s dream with marine protected areas and a diverse underwater environment that lends itself to all types of diving and skill levels. The area has benefitted from decades of legal protection from harmful fishing techniques and as such, there is an abundance of wildlife from tiny macro creatures to megafauna all along the coast. Baja California has been ahead of its time for ecotourism thanks to lessons learned in other popular Mexican tourist destinations and since 1973, it has been illegal to fish or collect items from the marine park.

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dive sites los cabos

Dive Sites in Cabo San Lucas

Land’s End
Location: 10 minutes from the marina
Depth: 5-22 meters
Explore both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez all in one dive at this unique dive site known for its huge schools of baitfish and even giant schools of rays. Sea lions call this spot home and typically come out to play with divers around their home base in the cove. There is also a shipwreck called the Nürnberg which is easily accessible to all divers for viewing.

Middle Wall
Location: 6 minutes
Depth: 20-40+ meters
This advanced dive site will blow your mind with its sheer face walls and rich wildlife. Get a front-row view of groupers, sharks, and even some of the more super rare sightings like threshers or sand tigers, if you’re lucky! The wall is rocky but eventually connects with the plateau at Pelican Rock towards the northwest.

Neptune’s Finger
Location: 7 minutes from the marina
Depth: 5-40+ meters
This dive site has two distinctive areas: a shallow area with a rocky coral reef and a deeper area with some of the biggest sandfalls in the marine park. This is the perfect place for spotting turtles, schools of mobula rays, bright colored reef fish, big snapper, and even rare creatures like manta rays have made appearances here.

North Wall
Location: 3 minutes from the marina
Depth: 5-40+ meters
This is an all-levels dive location very close to the marina, where you can explore a rocky sloping wall filled with lobsters, schools of cute puffer and porcupine fish, as well as seahorses and frogfish in the right season.

Pelican Rock
Location: 5 minutes from the marina
Depth: 5-40+ meters
Check out one of Cabo San Lucas’ most renowned dive sites. The famous ‘sandfalls’ is where you find a sloping sandy bottom that abruptly drops off creating dramatic waterfalls of sand cascading down the rocky walls into the depth below. Many invertebrates, fish, and larger creatures call this spot home and you’ll have the chance to see moray eels, scorpion fish, different kinds of rays, and huge numbers of schooling fish and even the rare whale shark. Its big rocky pinnacle also attracts sea lions who like to use it for sunbathing. Although this can be a great spot for deep diving, there is A LOT to see within Open Water limits so it’s perfect for all levels of divers.

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scuba dive sites cabo san lucas los cabos
scuba dive sites cabo san lucas los cabos
scuba dive sites cabo san lucas los cabos
scuba dive sites cabo san lucas los cabos

Dive Sites near Cabo San Lucas: The Corridor

The Blow Hole
Location: 20 minutes from the marina
Depth: 8-30 meters
Explore the 18-mile stretch between San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas referred to as ‘The Corridor.’ This part of the coast is popular due to its distance from Cabo San Lucas and reduced amount of divers. There is also a better chance of seeing dolphins and rays on the way out to the site because we are driving longer and away from the noise of the city. This dive site in particular got its name from the blowhole in nearby cliffs. Hang out with the usual marine creature suspects along this boulder-strewn reef where critters can hide in and around natural crevices.

Chileno Bay
Location: 30 minutes from the marina
Depth: 2-15 meters
Be greeted by a carpet of sea fans on this protected bay off Chileno Beach where starfish, urchins, and some types of jellyfish are common. This is a perfect spot for new divers and snorkelers alike, giving you the chance to see nurse sharks, sea turtles, and even sea bass.

Location: 25 minutes from the marina
Depth: 3-18 meters
Check out the healthiest coral reef in the Cabo San Lucas region where you have a high chance of seeing white tip reef sharks, a wide variety of tropical fish, and lobsters. This is accessible for all levels of divers and is definitely worth the trip out to the Corridor!

Gordo Banks
Location: 60 Minutes from CSL Marina, or 20 mins from PLC
Depth: 40+ meters
This advanced dive site is home to some of the most spectacular shark sightings in the area. Two deep seamounts located 6 miles offshore are the point of interest, and this dive site is a natural gathering point for marine life due to the nutrient-rich water funneled through the area. Here, the high density of feeding fish draws in exciting pelagic life. Dive site regulars include schools of hammerheads, massive schools of mackerel, jacks, skip jacks, and turtles. The deep water can also provide sightings of whalesharks, giant devil rays, and sometimes even humpback whales, so it’s worth keeping one eye peeled on the blue! Currents can be strong here, so only advanced divers with experience in currents may dive here.

Santa Maria Bay
Location: 20 minutes from the marina
Depth: 3-15 meters
This protected bay starts out shallow and slopes down to its maximum depth, well within the Open Water limitations. Here you can find macro creatures like beautiful nudibranchs and flatworms, as well as larger fish like snappers and hogfish.

Whale’s Head
Location: 10-15 minutes from the marina
Depth: 2-15 meters
Visit an abundant and thriving coral reef that many tropical fish call home. It is also a hub for spotted eagle rays, turtles, and octopuses. This spot even offers the wonderful surprise of singing humpback whales during the right season. This dive site is a great place for new and experienced divers alike to get close to resident marine creatures.

Dive sites suitable for every kind of diver

There is interesting and comfortable diving for all levels of divers in Cabo San Lucas. It’s even possible to accommodate a group with a wide range of experience levels when you go with a reputable dive operator. Choosing an experienced dive team means less stress for your group, and you can rest assured that appropriate dive sites have been chosen for your desired trip goals.

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